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Organic, vegan raw super foods - Ends 11/27

Vegan, algae Omega 3 Balance oil and Omega 6:3 at home test kit, buy one, get one FREE! - Ends 11/28

Nutrigenomix 70 Gene panel 50% off reports - Ends 12/01

Buy 1 featured super food detox package and get $100 off Lab Assessment Consultation (labs must be provided by appropriate HCP)

Appointments are available through Practice Better schedule. Alternative appointments to accommodate international clients can be arranged upon request. Contact to request by:

*email at

[email protected]


*WhatsApp text at 

+1 (949) 500 2927

Customer support always available by text message and WhatsApp at +1 (949) 500 2927

Wellness Wednesdays Zoom Calls with Carrie Drinkwine, Regenerative Detox Specialist at 8:00 am ct/ 10:00 am pt. Contact for link to participate, no obligation, no registration required.

Wellness calls in Portuguese coming soon!  

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